Iyengar Yoga with Gillian Harper


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Whether you are looking to deepen your practice, or if you have never tried yoga before, Gillian Yoga can help you take your practice to the next level.

Students can expect safe, and intentional teaching. Gillian Harper is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher who continues to challenge herself. Gillian is a passionate teacher who is dedicated to the Iyengar Yoga method. She uses props such as belts, blocks, and straps as aids to help participants into poses one step at a time. The focus is on structural alignment, development of strength, stamina, flexibility and concentration. Yoga is an excellent compliment to any sport and can aid with mobility, strength and focus in everyday life.

Gillian took her first Yoga class in Manhattan, NY in 2000. Gillian received a 200-hour RYT certification with a focus on Vinyasa yoga in 2003. She then moved to Durham and was introduced to Iyengar Yoga in 2009 and has been a dedicated practitioner ever since. Gillian is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor at the combined Introductory I/II level and she is currently working towards her Junior I certification. She studies with Jan Campbell of the Nashville Yoga Center, and Gary Jaegger.
Classes are held at the UNC FARM in Chapel Hill, NC and Health Associates in Durham, NC. As there is limited space, please notify Gillian prior to attending classes. All are welcome to attend.


My Baby FUNdamentals with Maryska Bigos


Newborn Classes for Expectant, Planning, New Parents, Grandparents and Infant Caregivers

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My Baby FUNdamentals for You and Your Baby 

with Certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME):

Maryska Bigos

Classes are held on Fridays each month. Follow me on Facebook at: MyBabyFUNdamentals for up-to-date Schedule announcements or email Maryska at: to be added to email list

FUNdamentals on Fridays in Chapel Hill. Register and donate $5-20 at the door.

Women’s Birth and Wellness Center – 3rd floor “Living Room” – 930 Martin Luther King Blvd, near the Chapel Hill/Carrboro YMCA.

(1-2pm) Care of Newborns: How to establish self-regulation

(2-245pm) Tummy Time for infants who are not yet crawling

(245-330pm) Caregivers with infants who are crawling and beginning to waddle

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FUNdamentals in Durham at Health Associates: Schedule TBA 

(‘follow’ MyBabyFUNdamentals on Facebook for up-to-date Class Schedule)

For over thirty (30) years Maryska Bigos has maintained a private practice as a developmental movement specialist working with individuals across the life span from infants, special needs children, athletes, dancers and pedestrians to elders.

From my years of experience I want to share the importance of both parents attending Newborn FUNdamentals, then continuing with Infant FUNdamentals throughout their first year.

In FUNdamentals classes you will learn the unique needs of a newborn and how support the developmental skill level of your infant throughout their first year. Quickly addressing individual challenges will insure your infant’s health, well-being, and full participation later in life.

Maryska is also the director of the Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) – Kinesthetic Learning Center, a training center for Somatic and Infant Developmental Movement Education in the USA. BMC Practitioner, Somatic and Infant Developmental Movement Education are annual trainings held in CA & NC, mid-June through early August.

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